The Puppy Dog Close

November 16 2014
We came across perhaps one of the oldest uses of what is known in the Motor Trade as the 'Puppy Dog Close', which is when you have been lent a brand new latest model vehicle for a time. It's stood outside your home and you've driven proudly around in it for all the world to see but then comes the call saying that they are coming to take it away and bring your old vehicle back:- unless you wish to buy it, that is.
 well, if you look at our code BOO002 on this site you'll see that this was very much alive back in 1934 when Moss Bros sent out their now legendary catalog with a personal letter from Director Harry moss which invited the recipient to both love the contents and give the name and address of a friend to which they could send another catalog, - or they would take the Sales Manager out the back door at Covent Garden Head office and shoot him. 
(or words to that effect)