Murano Glass Hunt

Murano Glass Hunt
Murano Glass Hunt
Murano Glass Hunt
Murano Glass Hunt
Murano Glass fox hunt

Italian design and workmanship

Not suitable for use as a cake topper - ornamental use only
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Many glass figures are described as being made in Murano but we believe that these actually were. They were originally purchased as the genuine thing and they certainly have all the characteristics of Murano craftsmanship.
Rider is removable from his horse.          


A chance to own a Murano glass fox hunt without having to go there is rare. Trying to bring one back without breaking it is even rarer. (been there, broke it) Perhaps the creative element has overridden any attempt at realism but that perhaps can be forgiven when you see & admire the finesse and detail of these pieces. May well be that this example is of greater interest to prospective buyers in the USA as I'm sure that's a coyote not a fox they're chasing.
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