Bespoke Hunting Maps

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Bespoke Hunting Map

Bespoke Hunting Map
Bespoke Hunting Map
Bespoke Hunting Map
Bespoke Hunting Map
Bespoke Hunting Map
Bespoke Hunting Map
Bespoke Hunting Map
For your lifetime's hunting memories or your child's first hunt
Display your own personal hunting history on a traditional hunting map.
When you hunted
What you've hunted
Where you've hunted
With whom you've hunted
Describe your three most memorable hunts

A superb and much valued way to remember

A unique way to celebrate and remember your child's first Pony Club meet. Telephone us for details

We can incorporate you own hunting image into the map for an additional charge.
(Many thanks to our Customers who have allowed us to display their individual maps on our site and photographers who have allowed reproduction of their images including Jim Meads and Neil Salisbury of

Place your order direct on line or by telephone if you prefer, phone +44(0)7909362008

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Click here to download our 'Hunting Aid memoir',
use this to list your hunting details before ordering.


Click Here to view and print if you do not have the PDF Acrobat Reader.

Name: Please specify the name of the person whose hunting memories are to be detailed, as you wish it to be shown on the map.

Hunting Icons: We will place the icon relevant to your chosen hunt in the relevant hunting country if no other location specified. If the hunt in question was visiting another hunt country, please specify in the "Where" box. For Otter & Mink hunting please specify the Hunt country, location & river.

Listing of Hunts: We can accommodate a total of 36 Hunts listed on one map. If you have hunted with a particular hunt(s) over a period of time, we suggest you enter the first date hunted as the date shown on your listing. We will list your entry in the order of: date followed by name of hunt.

'Most Memorable Hunts' listing: We can list up to 3 events in this section. For the header please specify: the Name of the Hunt, the year of the event & the location (meet). Please describe your memorable event in no more than 150 characters.

How many glorious moments or embarrassing catastrophes on the hunting field are tucked away in our minds, waiting for that special jog to bring them all flooding back?

Now you can re-live and celebrate those moments captured within one of our Memories of Hunting Maps detailing your own personal hunting history which shows and lists the individual hunts with whom you’ve hunted or followed. These are positioned geographically on maps of the British mainland with icons denoting the relevant quarry for each hunt listed and dated. The map is shown against a background of vignettes portraying the different types of hunting carried out in the UK and is painted by the celebrated Hunting artist Rosemary Coates.

Complete the template with Hunts, dates & locations, together with details of particularly memorable days and we will create your personal Memories of Hunting map.
These Memories of Hunting maps make a superb, much treasured and appreciated gift for true Hunting people no matter what type of hunting, or chosen method of participation was involved and are available in different coloured mount effects but can be purchased framed for an additional charge. We can incorporate an image of you into the map for approx' £30.00 to cover studio time. Please Email  or telephone 07909 632008 for details.

Happy memories...

Ten per cent of the retail price of each Memories of Hunting map is donated to The MFHA Hunt Servant’s Fund, (registered charity No 229974) which assists hunt staff who have no pension arrangements and also provides help in cases of hardship to hunt staff, their widows or dependents. We needed them and appreciated what they did for us in the hunting field. Your purchase of a Memories of Hunting map helps to show our appreciation to them in a tangible way when they need more than just our thanks.

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Presentation Voucher for a Personal Hunting History Map

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Code: HM-MAPV1
Order a presentation voucher for a personal hunting history map. This allows you to present the gift and allows the recipient to gather all the historical information and send it to us at their leisure.
Price: £79.99

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