About Us

In a country which has currently turned its back on a major part of its heritage, many things which were only recently common place, widely found & acceptable are fast disappearing from our lives & are now regarded by some as 'politically incorrect'. 

Hunting Memories was formed to bring together a collection of hunting & hunting associated memorabilia to remind all of us of those days when to proudly display & use such things in our homes & lives caused no fear of censure by opportunistic politicians with thinly veiled alternative agendas or alienation by an ever increasing urbanite & well 'spun' population.

Each item acquired by us gave us fond memories of some special hunting moment & those given to us were from friends who recognised that their gift would be appreciated. We’re not alone in this, in our lifetimes whole generations of country folk & once upon a time, city dwellers did likewise & the set of hunting plates on the dresser, ornaments depicting the hunting of fox, hare, stag and otter were common place & represented an accepted national pride in our heritage of hunting with hounds as an integral part of British country life..

We couldn’t help but wonder where all these things have gone of late. Each & every item acquired by all those people whether actively participating or supporting , represented a memory associated with hunting & those memories collectively are as equally important as those of the actual hunting itself. They were bought & given with love by people who had a deep love for our sport.

We have assembled a collection of many of those things we remember so well, many of them either unavailable or difficult to find these days. Most items in our collections section have been previously owned & they are offered to you in the hope that you will cherish the memories & sentiment contained in them as did their original owners. Our own memories & love for our sport were also the driving force behind the creation of our personalised hunting maps and the special & unique bespoke range of hunting figurines which are available on this site.

We couldn’t have done this alone & thank all those hunting people who we met along the way and who advised us or gave their personal assistance and support. We have enjoyed bringing our Hunting Memories website to you and hope you will enjoy using it.

We hope that everyone, no matter what your level of involvement with, or support for hunting with hounds will enjoy browsing through our collections which include items from all aspects of our sport & find things with which you can celebrate your own hunting memories in your home. ("from a find to a cheque" - purists please forgive the pun)

We have also sourced & commissioned new product ranges including bespoke maps recalling your own personal memories of hunting, limited editions of hand crafted & meticulously painted figurines of our past quarry finished in your own hunt colours, personalised to your name.

Welcome to our Hunting Memories website. 
All of our Hunting Memorabilia Items are available directly through this website. Our Bespoke Hunting Maps and Bespoke Hunting Figurines are exclusively available from Hunting Memories.

We feel sure you will find something you love & can share.

Good Hunting