Lockable Tin with Hunting scene 1950s

 Lockable Tin with Hunting scene 1950s
 Lockable Tin with Hunting scene 1950s
 Lockable Tin with Hunting scene 1950s
 Lockable Tin with Hunting scene 1950s
 Lockable Tin with Hunting scene 1950s

21.50bcm L 09cm W 13.50 cm H 08.50 cm

Lockable Storage tin with hunting scene on lid andIst verse of Henry Fieldings famous song  'A Hunting We Will Go' on the front.

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Unknown, probably made c1950s as a sweet or biscuit container. However the lock is a bit of a mystery as to why anyone would feel the need to lock up their sweet tin. made from pressed tin.

Fair, commensurate with age. Some marking to surfaces,It's been well used with marks and scuffs and some small rust spots but nothing unexpected for a tin object of its age.

This is rather an interesting container. Unusual to find something of this sort which actually locks and even more unusual to actually have the key with it.
The Hunting scene on the lid is also interesting. We have no idea who the artist was and although the actual subject is perhaps not as technically or artistically depicted in its correct manner, the artist had a knowledge of the sport as evidenced in his interpretation of the hounds in action. It would be nice indeed to know the real history of this and its origins.
So, - I you are looking for a collector's item which will double as a secure storage place for your private cache of Malted ,milk biscuits (you know, the ones you're not supposed to have) well this is for you. Just don't lose the key.
Seriously now, it's a classic item of hunting memorabilia with an interesting hunt depiction on the lid and to round it all up it has on its front :
                                                  A Hunting We Will Go
                                                  by Henry Fielding

                                         "the dusky night rides down the sky
                                          And ushers in the morn,
                                          The hounds all join in glorious cry,
                                          The Huntsman winds his horn,
                                          And a hunting we will go.

There are another 4 verses to this actual song by Henry Fielding 1707 - 1754
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