An unusual hunting mask

An unusual hunting mask
An unusual hunting mask
An unusual hunting mask
An unusual hunting mask
An unusual hunting mask

A unique, large and somewhat comical hunting mask with a difference. 

H 40cm

W 22cm

D 26cm

Our Price£249.99
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Taxidermist unknown. Joking apart, we currently have no idea of his origins but are trying to find out. Appears to be made out of Plaster of Paris, perhaps over a frame.

Fair, small piece missing to LH (facing) edge of shield, slight chip to bottom of shield and slight paint scrubbing to nose.

This is perhaps one of the strangest items we have ever had on this site. Technically a shoulder mount, a great deal of creative craftsmanship has gone into making this somewhat unusual, probably unique wall hunting trophy. We have absolutely no idea what inspired this and have not been able to obtain any information about it whatsoever. As a caricature it is superb but it probably has some sort of reasoning or story behind its creation and we would dearly like to know its history.
It is of a scale which doesn't make it lookout of place among other more traditional hunting wall mounts and it certainly catches everyone's  attention as a conversation piece.
Whilst this is not everyone's cup of tea it adds a level of humour to any sporting gallery with perhaps a touch of 'in the next life'? The shield bears the legend "Caught by a Fox".

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